Tips on how How to make dollshouse miniature Furniture and Accessories   Customers of Minis4u share there ideas and time saving tips when making Dollshouses, Furniture and Accessories. Come and see if we can save you time.

Miniature Making Tips

Welcome to our Sharing tips and information page.

Minis4u and the miniatures community as a whole would welcome you to share important points that might save others time and money.  In doing so we can give back to those who have offered their support to us.

  •   Always ALWAYS do a dry fit before AND after painting or varnishing. And before gluing anything. 12:32PM on 29 September 2010
  • When making furniture make sure you leave it long enough for the joint you have glued together to set, before gluing the next piece on, if you try and move things to fast they fall off! Have another cup of coffee while you wait  and always stain your wood and then sand before gluing.   10:09PM on 22 March 2010.

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