Photos of Dollhouse Miniature Projects and featured Miniaturists and Shows   Miniaturists have contributed photos of there work to share - Dollhouses, Roomboxes, Furniture and Accessories. We every now and again feature one...

Project Gallery

Welcome to our Project Gallery section, here you can get inspired by what other people are making from all over the world.

Below is a summary of the latest artwork, click an image to view it larger and read what the project is and who has created it.

Over in the 'In This Section" heading, just above the Shopping Cart,(in the right hand column of this page) you will see diferent galleries listed.  As we get more projects loaded on by our customers we will start filing them into the designated category.

I hope you have fun looking at other peoples projects and getting ideas.  If you would like to put a photo into our gallery from here - click on the "Share your Pictures" entry under the "In this Section" area just above the shopping cart.


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